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IT Specialist

Date: 17-Oct-2020

Location: TH

Company: TDCX

Roles and Responsibilities.

Establish and enforce security policies to protect an organization’s computer infrastructure, networks and data.

Protecting an organization, preventing security breach, loss of confidential or commercially sensitive data.


  • Planning

Assess organization’s infrastructure and data to identify vulnerabilities caused by weaknesses or flaws in software and.

Evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures, such as firewalls, password policies and intrusion-detection systems.

Make recommendations to improve security based on their assessments and knowledge of current and emerging threats.


  • Policies

Develop policies that give managers and employees varying levels of access to corporate applications, systems and data, monitor access to ensure compliance.

Setting corporate standards and access policies on smartphones or tablet while protecting the privacy of employees’ personal data. 


  • Training

To reinforce the importance of information security through training and awareness programs for employees 


  • Security Solutions

select and install security products, such as firewalls, anti-virus software and software to protect the network. To monitor security across all corporate networks, computers and storage devices, so that quickly identify attacks and respond to any alerts. Carry out tests, such as simulated attacks security systems to ensure that there are no weaknesses.


  •  Updating

Publish information from security vendors on new types of cyber-crime or computer. Monitor and maintain employee access privileges due to role change and resignation. Minimize the risk of damage from security breaches by putting a business continuity or disaster recovery plan in place.



  • Minimum diploma level qualification in InfoComm Security or equivalent preferred. Combination of related industrial security experience will be considered.
  • Technical knowledge of computer and network hardware and software systems.
  • Specialized knowledge in areas such as security training and awareness, computer forensic investigations, systems security administration, data recovery and network security control, design and implementation, as well as facility and physical security requirements.
  • Self-motivator, independent, cooperative, flexible and creative.
  • Fair knowledge of Contact Center Technology

Job Segment: Telecom, Telecommunications, Network Security, Information Security, Technology, Security